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As a digital marketing company, we strive to help businesses in any niche boost their online presence, as well as increase visitors and sales. Anytime we see a trend, we like to research the heck out of it. Have you wondered if you should consider a mobile app for your business? Wonder no more! We are excited to offer our mobile app development service. We can create a custom iOS and Android App or Progressive Web Application that allows a business to remain relevant to their clientele, and get noticed in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

The addition of a mobile app creates a direct channel between a business and its users, allowing them to share information quickly and provide value to their customers on an entirely new level. This can have a tremendous effect on brand awareness, customer loyalty, increasing visitor traffic, while boosting sales on the company website and building a stronger, more effective web presence. Another benefit to the business lies in the fact that a mobile app can streamline various aspects of the daily operations, thereby increasing employee and staffing efficiencies that enable a business to focus more on customer service satisfaction.

Our new mobile app creation service is the latest in our line of digital solutions for businesses looking to stand out and make an impact online. There are a number of benefits to creating a mobile app for business, one of which is the fact that by having an interactive app which people can download onto their phones, a business becomes highly visible and connected to its customer base. Mobile apps can be a fantastic tool to keep current customers engaged, while building relationships with new clientele, all at a reasonable price.

As stated earlier, we like to research trends before making a decision. Here are some of our findings about mobile apps:    
 The Facts:

  • There are approximately 6.8 billion mobile users in the world.

  • Apps command 86% of the average time spent on mobile

  • 95% of smartphone users look for local information on their phone. 

  • 67% say they’re more likely to buy a product or service from a mobile-friendly site.

  • Loyalty programs increase overall revenue by 5-10%.

  • Previously, only mega companies have been able to afford mobile apps (until now)

Connexus Ventures can provide your business with a customized app. 

Adding a mobile app to a business portfolio can nurture customer loyalty, encourage more social shares, and improve brand awareness. In addition, implementing a mobile app can build overall engagement, expand the company’s digital footprint, and separate a business from its competition, while facilitating increased revenue.

Bottom line:  Mobile apps are a fantastic tool to keep your current customers, and build a new clientele at a reasonable price. 

Mobile Apps

Mobile Apps

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