Sean Ruthrauff

Co-owner of Connexus Ventures, Sean is an entrepreneur at heart and has owned and managed multiple other business ventures. He's the guy with the big picture, the visionary, and the brains. He also has mad skills in break dancing, just ask him. 

Mendy Ruthrauff

Co-owner of Connexus Ventures, educator by training, enjoys technology, and loves attention to detail. That's why she is good at this technology thing. She's a little anal, but shhhh, don't tell her. 

Nicole Winkler

Nicole has been in sales for her entire adult career. The needs of the client are priority #1.  We know our clients are in good hands.  We love having her on the team.  After all, she's like a daughter to us.  Like a daughter that we had when we were 10. 

Jake Ruthrauff

App and website builder extraordinaire, entrepreneur. Did we mention he is an Eagle Scout? Yeah, he's kind of a big deal. Scout's honor. And he really IS our son. And we were not 10.

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