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We get the need for getting a return on investment when spending money to grow a company. Connexus Ventures prides itself on helping small business owners in growing their business by utilizing technology to work smarter in the expanding digital economy. We are passionate about building strong relationships through personalized attention to detail, with a goal of connecting with our clients needs so they can provide them with the best results when it comes to digital marketing solutions.

We offer a wide range of digital marketing services, including mobile optimized website creation, business listing distribution, online reputation management, SEO services, influence marketing, branding strategies, social media interaction, business coaching and leadership development. Clients can utilize these different options to boost their overall brand awareness, improve their reputation among their audience and customers, and increase sales of their products and services.
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  • Creative Strategies
  • ​Influence Marketing
  • ​Personal Branding
  • ​Social Media Interaction
  • Business Coaching
  • Leadership Development
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Our Work

As an agency with multiple locations and counselors, the website is able to help the potential client review the various profiles and determine the best fit of a therapist through a simple funnel system. Additionally, New Leaf utilized our services to get found in searches using effective SEO practices and maintaining accurate listings on the search engines. 
Knowing the providers were constantly in session with clients, Pediatric Connections needed a robust system to direct new visitors to all forms and answer frequently asked questions. Additionally, a membership site is utilized to give audiences access to speaker handouts, as the staff are frequently asked to speak at various platforms.
Massive Impact
Supporting individuals and businesses in conflict, The Parker Group, Inc. uses traditional and out of the box strategies for positive impact. Recognizing their audiences were varied, Connexus Ventures was able to create separate but linked resources to impact and influence.
Membership site for purchased curriculum
As an online curriculum course, this site required a membership page, giving those who purchased a mastermind course, access to the various PDFs, videos and links to closed curriculum.
Online Booking and Social Media Management
The award-winning chiropractor was able to streamline the intake process for clients with access to online booking and required forms.  This allows the doctor to treat more patients, giving them the attention they deserve. Additionally, the clinic was set up with an automation system of social media to remain consistent with posting helpful information. 
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